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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  September 11, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MDT

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>> announcer: denver 7 new starts right now. >> shots fired. >> he has a gun in his hand. >> issued boulder county between depuuies and a man walking along the highway. 3 and the community rallies to support douglas co detective dan bright with details on how you can participate. allies look now from new york -- a live look from new york as it's the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. denver police investigate a shooting downtown and here is a look at the scene is active as the investigation continues on % welton 29th.
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we know that one person was transported to the hospital. we do not know their condition. investigators tell the denver 7 crew that they are not looking for a suspect at this hour. more breaking news overnight as 30 students were hurt after three decks collapsed on top of each other in hartford, connecticut, this was an off-campus house party near trinity college. >> the deck collapse from the third floor and they are looking into what was to blame, the go of the injuries are major. it is sunday morning and i am eric looper. >> i am katie lasalle did you have a good day? >> i did it was nice and warmer. >> it was 37 degrees yesterday morning at tia but today we will only stay in the 50s and gradually warm up to the upper 80s by this afternoon, even low 90s across the front range.
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high pressure that was -- a ridge of high pressure that was in control and we will have a cold front moving that will cool things down through next week. this is the view from sterling in a beautiful start to our sunday, expect plenty of sunshine across the state but increasing cloud cover. rocky mountain national park and grace her basin -- glacier basin is mostly dry and in downtown denver a mix of sun and clouds. 57 at tte airport and humidity at 25% and we are starting on a ni and this is your first alert, we will see windy conditions and highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s and we will show you your seven day coming up in a bit. a boulder county deputy shot at a suspect in the hospital following a shootout. the good news is the deputy was not hit and only the deputy's window was shot out and
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drivers on 287 near mineral. he had a gun tucked into the ?aist of his pants and investigators say that things escalated as soon as he arrived on scene. take a listen to how the situation played out on the police scanner. >> shots fired, my window blown out. >> the cop is blown out. >> he's been hit at least twice. 287 was closed for much of the night and authorities have not released the suspects name or his condition. administrative leave and evidence for shooting a suspect at a motel. we brought you the story yesterday morning and they tried to arrest david glencoe out of kansas and he pulled a gun on them and that is when police say an officer opened fire but missed, swat teams arrested bronco. a woman was
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on s. memphis way, she is 29 years old but they did not release her identity. in adams county investigators are investigating ? woman found dead in a vehicle near coronado parkway and new york streets. they did not release information but theecoroner will release the circumstances and in autopsy is pending. detective dan bright recovers from the police shooting in parker the douglas county school district is apologizing. they did not immediately notify parents about the shooting in several schools were put on lockdown, the district said a note to parents and they are making these two changes to emergency notification processes, they will handle communication during an emergency and they are incorporating new text messages. people are gathering together in support of him and they are holding some ovens
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fundraiser that starts at 730 ann they are holding some ovens today, first in minutes the coffee cabin is holding a fundraiser that starts at 7:30 am, because until 3 pm this afternoon and at 3 pm there is a prayer service at parker adventist church and tomorrow there's a blood drive at the parker police department. for more information you can go to our website, this is a live look at the memorial underway in new york for 9/11. it's hard to believe it has been 15 years since the attacks, hearts are heavy as we remember aal of the lives lost in the first responders that sacrifice their lives for others. this is a look at other memorials and many of them started yesterday. >> this is a look at the tribute in lights over lower manhattan and the blue beams shine bright every year just six months after e attacks. the tribute is made up of 88 lights to represent the twin
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lanterns were carried to the wall in honor of the passengers and crew members of flight 93 that crashed there. the united airlines plane was headed from san francisco to new york when the hijackers took over. in dallas first responders from all over the state came together to climb 110 stories in fauquier, each climber wore a picture of a first responder killed trying to save others in the twin towers. also back here in denver there are multiple events happening at the red rocks. >> students from douglas county schools that are training to become firefighters are participating and you are looking at video of the previous climb, it's designed to equal 110 stories, the height of the twin towers in the event kicks off at 9 am. the students have undergone plenty of training including fire behavior and fire rescue.
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them up yesterday in collaboration with young america's foundation that is a nationwide project. also happening today tia will hold 2 moments of silence, one at 6:45 m and one at 3 pm this afternoon. >> as of this afternoon the governor and mayor will be to commemoration at civic center park, this kicks off at 1 pm. flyover and 21 gun salute along with the playing of tops. john fogerty and the monsters will also perform a tribute concert. >> for a full list of the events happening around the city aad around the state you can go to the denver
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we're back now with a live look from new york aatowe remember all of the lives lost during the 9/11 terror attack, family members of reading of the names of their loved ones that were killed. the nurse seen in an iconic film marking the end of world war ii has died, credit friedman says she passed away last night at 92 from old age. a special memorial is happening for police killed in 19 police killed in 1922. it reads in memory of denver the corner of west 41st and his family was there an dpd will unveil more signs where officers have lost their lives. at 7:10 am you could say that luck is on this man's side. >> to this day i asked myself
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>> doctors call his survival a doing with a second chance at life? a new study changes the common perception of a set of mediterranean. we will see a hot day and
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good morning, we'rr all remembering a tragic day 15 years ago and this is a live look over new york city and there's the trade center you can see the hazy skies that you
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the whole country morning today 15 years after the tragedy. of florida private security company that employed the pulse nightclub my computer is facing $150,000 in fines, the florida department of agriculture slapped the fine on the company gs format for administrative error. the psychologist listed on his license application did not evaluate him. she has 4 maintains the security guards the license receive a proper evaluation. amana in arizona is recovering after being struck by lightning. jamie santana is finally out of the hospital after being struck riding his horse in april, he has undergone months of rehab and says he would not be hearr today that were not the man sitting next to him here, robert weaver perform cpr on him until help arrived and he 3
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he says living life to the fullest. one and that is for me to get better and be better at home, the better with my family ann better with everyone. >> octors hope that he will be able to walk again within a year . back here in colorado experts are trying to figure out why there are so many west nile cases larimer county has had 28 ases this year and that is the most in the state are more than la, dallas, and phoenix. crews have spread to county a couple of times this year and researchers say warm weather and a large number of infected birds are common reasons for spikes in these cases. parents if you've been avoiding acetaminophen because your child has asthma, our partners at national jewish
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the drug has no worse effect on asthma than ibuprofen in the research followed 300 children for one year and what you do not have to worry about acetaminophen, avoid aspirin altogether. >> we do want to stay away from aspen in children for different reason and that is a no go in children. >> aspirin use in children has been linked to a rare and potentially fatal illness. some incredible videos to show you, look at this out of connecticut, a car smashes through the convenience store and the ford explorer clears everything in shelf spying in different directions and the clerk was actually inside the store at the time it does not ave any broken bones but a lot of police thinn the driier was es,- trying to avoid another van brett hit the gas peeal instead of the brake by accident. the driver is facing charges. construction is underway under la's tallest building, the wilshire grand tower and some workers had some fun here home if you call this fun. they snapped this picture 1100
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this buyer. hopefully they are hooked up, it looks like they are. the wilshire grand tower opens next year. >> did you see those viieos on facebook when people are without harnesses just jumping over ledges thinking it is un with her o pro? that is creepy. >> too scary for me but if that's what you like to do as long as you today it will be windy so hopefully you are not on any tall peaks because you want to hold onto your hats, it will be dry and hot across the front range and the winds will pick up frrm the southeast primarily later on this afternoon but by monday ii you are not loving the summer temperatures all next week highs will only be in the upper 60s and 70s in showers and stooms are also weekend. after a nice and dry yesterday beautiful conditions and sunny and dry across the state. today we expect a slight change in high-pressure is still in
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and evening. we do have a red fllg in effect for message -- for much of the western slope in the northern foothills will see gusty winds the warm and dry conditions mix with dry fuels that we see here and any spark could start a fire. if you are outside make sure to extinguish any fires and be careful. upper 80s and lower 90s and normally the highs are in the low 80s but today about 10 degrees above where we should be. this will change as we had to tomorrow and highs for today elsewhere in grand juuction at 88 the mid-70s aspen and gunnison. 65 is the expected high in leadville and lower 90s across the plains and mid-90s in places like lamarr, fellow in the hunt top. -- and hunter. we will see
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and clouds as we head into the evening hours. we could see a couple of sprinkles mostly in the mountains but we will stay pretty dry on the front range. by monday a big shift will come in a cold front and a stronger system will move into the state and that will really dropped the temperatures. for tonight in the mid-50s and partly cloudy and stay mild. by tomorrow highs only in the low 70s in a mix of sun an showers later on in the afternoon and evening and a lot cooler conditions on tuesday. 3 take a look at the seven-day forecast, a major change in it will feel more like fall as we head to the next days. 50s and 40s overnight but by the end of the week heading intt next weekend we will
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sunny conditions.
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welcome to morning sports, i love that post in this time of year where we begin with college football, bus home opener against idaho state and a lot of upgrades to the program, look at ralphie. a mismatch finish. we begin with this touch and hitting devin ross in the corner, 7-0. philip lindsay up the middle and another touchdown, the best blowout was on and popping. poor idaho stakeout tumbled, 4th in inches and aafoul and a plaything. at highlands ranch high school, all by her lonesome until his teammates joined him after that
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won by 49. final numbers 56-7 and they are 2-0 and getting better. >> we improved from last week and we will see mo film and there will be things i do not like but we did play hard and came out ready to play, we did not take a step back. >> we give them 7 points which was sad knowing articles at high expectations but it was still a good outing and there are places we can improve. >> we are excited and we wanted a good show for everyone and i believe we did and we will enjoy it for the night that we will be ready for next week. calling all quarterbacks, colorado state is still looking for a signal caller, 2 games ?nto the season and mike bobo has no clue who will start xp, the musical chairs continued yesterday and this was the final home opener in hughes
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and that was good for 25 yards. and that set up this 4th down and the rams up 10-7. we move on and and see matthews in the second quarter, is he in or out? csu leads 20-14 but the offense got stuck in the mud in the third quarter was a mess and true freshman colin hill entered in the fourth pulled him out of his redshirt to throw 6 passes. this is the good news, rams 123- 14 and the coach bobo provides the bad news. >> we don't have starting quarterback raytown everyone might say how do not have a starting quarterback? is evident when you are just try figure out what to do and wh can make the best decisions and get us in the right play. >> i do not think it's awkward, eventually someone will come out on top so we have to keep
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>> it is awkward. that does it for me and sports on a sunday. go out there and have yoorselves a great. broncos brandon marshall is speaking out after taking a knee during the naaional anthem at mile high on thursday, he is one of the few athletes starting the protess that colin capper neck started and he lost a deal yesterday from the air academy credit union and since then he said he was surprisedd to lose the endorsement that says it is okay and what the consequenc. football players are different test taking a different stand -?to honor victims of 9/11, according to usa today to new york and jersey police units have offered to pay a fine for any athlete wearing the issues. avery williams from tennessee titans wants to wear these the nfl says a pilot's uniform code and there are a couple of other players planning to wear these cleats today. still ahead and arrest in relation to a carjacking that we learn the person behind the
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plus a new development
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we learn that one person has died on a homicide investigation and this is underway near welton and 29 just before 5 am. >> denver police say there appears to have been an argument and shocks -- shots rang out. they are not looking for a suspect. denver police said they arrested someone in connection with a carjacking. the suspect led police on a chase but later surrendered in this happened last night near ellsrt released because the suspect is a juvenile. take a look at this as the summit county sheriff's office is monitoring peroxide on willow pekin breccenridge, it was reported yesterday afternoon. 7:30 am on a sunday and another nice day. >> we will see a lot of sunshine and hotter today than it was yesterday, a slight chance for a few sprinkles and storms mostly down to the southwest corner of the state.
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and increasing cloud cover just the southwest flow moves in. this will also increase the wind speeds for this afternoon. right ow it's a pretty start to the day and plenty of sunshine and not a cloud in sight. clear blue skies at rocky mountain national park it will be a great day to take a hike or bike ride, especially in the mountains because it will be cooler there. 70s and lower 80s at spots, mostly at alpine valleys and downtown denver right now is partly cloudy with 54 degrees and out of the airport the at the south and southwest at -?10 mi./h. we will continue to see gusty conditions throughout this afternoon but as you can see there is a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s across the front range. a huge cooldown in store for next week, 20 degrees cooler as we start monday and tuesday. i will have your sevvn-day forecast coming up in a bit. katie, thank you so much, adds
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use the rtd d line it is down from now until 3 pm for repair work and they will be repairing wires from littleton mineral station to inglewood and buses are still available so anyone affected by the closure should expect delays and find an alternate way to get around town. some changes coming to the city of boulder university hill will soon house the new hotel across from campus. >> the city of boulder has been workin district for years and now it will happen. >> we've been working on the hill for a long time. >> we're talking about a 160 room independently owned hotel and local businesses will get the boot and will be forced out when construction crews break ground. >> i cannot dig out my place to move anywhere, unless the universsty moves with me i am out of luck. denver based bmc
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and the city says it will bring much needed money to the economy, crews could break ground as early as next. all morning we're looking back at the tragic day in history 15 years ago and yesterday a special ceremony held for the victims, a colorado freedom memorial and the city of aurora had an event with more police and fire and read that were killed since %- fighting 9/11. a piece of steel from one of 3 the twin ceremony. dozens of high schoolers will participate in the stair climb to honor those who lost their lives. thhs is look at video from a past climb and you can see the firefighters there, the students are training to become firefighters and it's a day of fitness and a day to reflect for these future lifesavers and it's designed to simulate 110
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and 9 am and we will bring you covered all morning. as we mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks there is one first responder that leaves a mark each and every year. firefighter stephen seller lost his life that day in a sacrifice and here is a race that takes place every year in new york. >> is whether shared his memories with us. >> we believe that he was in the south tower and never recovered. he was a great person that died that day. >>reporter: it was in near- perfect september morning, firefighter stephen seller just finished his overnight shift with squad one, the elite unit trained to rescue other firefighters. he was headed to play golf with his three brothers. >> we were pumped up because we are forefathers getting together to play gglf ann we are all busy, stephen had five
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had happened and he turned his the golf date never happened. stephen who dreamed of being a firefighter since he was a teen turned his truck towards the twin towers but could only get as far as the brooklyn battery tunnel. it was blocked but that did not stop him. >> he came to a halt caught output his gear on and started running to the tunnel. that tunnel is merely 2 miles long. >>reporter: the heroic run for 60 pounds of gear became the driving force of the foundation cread honor. >> we want his kids to knoo that his dad was a hero, we did not have lofty goal starting the foundation, but a friend of his came up the idea of running to the tunnel like he did and i said oh my gosh. you just know the right thing whee you hear it. >>reporter: the race called tunnel to towers as part of the nationally recognized stephen seller foundation and has raised more than $70 million. >> the whole day is a great
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>>reporter: stephen would be turning 15 november? >> november 15 he would've turned 50. >>reeorter: work on a 50-year- old would he have made? >> he would've een a young 50- year-old, he left being a firefighter so he would still be a firefighter and he would've had over 20 years already. he would've been able to retire but there's no way he would have retired. he loved the challenge of being able to say people and knowing stephen he liked the involved, he had guts and he loved that brotherhood. >>reporter: if you could talk with him one more time what would you tell him? >> i am proud of yoo, all of your siblings are, your kids, it your wife, the whole community is, you did something >>reporter: john berman, cnn, new york. the annual tunnel to tower run and walk will take place on september 25 in new york city.
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a new documentary is about to hit the movie streaming site, it is documenting the conviction of amanda knox. police officers in maryland are hailed heroes after rushing towards a burning car and
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we are listeninn and on the memorial in new york city 15 years after the 9/11 attacks in the country and morning as we remember the lives lost. >> one trapped in the car so. newly released video shows maryland law enforcement officers runni burning car after a family of 5 crashed. >> we could hear screams inside the car and someone screaming for help. the first on scene he used a fire extinguisher to stop the flames from spreading and all of this while another officer spots an injured man on the ground and drags him away. 2 babies were in car seat surrounded by smoke some officers pulled them to safety
7:41 am
everyone in the crash survived. this is video out of florida, a woman and a small child walk into a pet store aad stay in for barely 2 minutes. she waits for the store employee to walk out of the room and then snatches a puppy and walkk out. this is a look at the dog, a 2 pound maltese poodle mix just 8 weeks old they are searching for the women and the puppy. true crime fans, listen up, new documentary is right up your amanda knox is coming to the surface september 30 and she spent 4 years in jail after being convicted of murdering her roommate in italy. the conviction was overturned and she returned to the united states. the documentary titled amanda knox features interviews with key players including knox herself. this week's everyday hero rescued her first horse when she was a child more than 25 years ago. as melissa reports, she has dedicated her life to helping horses and those that love him
7:42 am
>> we saved her a few months ago before she had her baby. >>reporter: saving horses from slaughter is so important to terry allen that she started a nonprofit in her own backyard.>>reporter: her small ranch in elizabeth is a haven for horses others considered throwaway. >> we have 16 in our care. >>reporter: a small operation but in the last couple of years, terri, her family and friends have saved horses. >> these horses are scared and run through and most of them are sick, some are hurt. >>reporter: summer given out by those that can no longer afford to care for them, but most are on their way to slaughter before she steps in. >>reporter: she was so scared of people, did not want to be touched, would bike -- bite and kicc. >>reporter: she nurtures them
7:43 am
adopted her one year ago. she is now my best friend. >> it can be a time-consuming and costly prooess bringing horses back from near death. >> it is totally worth it. >> even if it means long hours and money out of her pocket. >> i know all of these horses are so thankful for her. they would not be a life without her. she is a wonderful person. >>reporter: it's not about 3 gettinthem out more horses can come in, it's about finding them the right placement so they don't ever again end up in the place that they ended up and we found them. >> i felt like it was my calling. >>reporter: we are hiding in the barn for this surprise, we have denver 7 and trusted choice the independent insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as a 7
7:44 am
congratulations. >> [applause] >> to learn mooe about this was rescue or to nominate someone you can go to and click on the community section a long-awaited reunion 2 months after his dog was stolen, a man was reunited with his best friend, check this out, he sent us this picture and you can see how picture his dog looks, he found him living under a bridge in golden tags from 1997, the good news this morning. >> great smile. a great day to take a walk outside, go to the mountains, it should be dry across the front range and unfortunatell fire danger is increase for today. if you by chance have seen smoke or at least haze in the sky, be aware that it is from the law solar fire in meeker, new new fires founder sparked this morning so if you have smelled smoke or seen haze that
7:45 am
taking a look at the radar and satellite you will see some clouds across the area and 54 degrees downtown denver and 57 at the airport where the planes are from the south southwest at 10 mi./h and a partly cloudy mild start to the day in the high countty near fort morgaa you see clear skies and plenty of sunshine to be felt. if you are outside the aware that there will be warm conditions, breezy and dry. -?especially for the we have a red flag warning and it will be in effect from 12 pm until 7 pm. ?xpect dusty winds and low humidity combined with dry fuel and has a potential to spark new fires. this is the front range forecast for today and will see increasing flood coverage dust cloud coverage. really at 91 and this could be our last 900 day of the year because as we start the next week for moves through and temperatures drop down into the
7:46 am
heading to tomorrow but looking at the highs we are staying warm and 80 on the western slope injunction and 70s in aspen and gunnison. sabina 80, colorado springs 86, lookkd doon to the south, pablo in the mid-90s and low 90s across the northeastern planes in places like sterling and akron. the future care throughout the day we will see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon and increasing cloud coverage across the eye corridorr potential for a few sprinkles as we had to the evening and it should stay mostly dry across the front range. increasing clouds as we had to tonight and we start monday very sunny and a better chance for afternoon and evening showers. 54 and miid tonight and tomorrow weewake up to mmre sunshine and increasing clouds and a better chance for more precipitation monday night. take a look at the 7 day forecast, a big drastic change
7:47 am
week and temperatures in the low 70s and upper 60s for tuesday. we will see cooler and rainier conditions ttesday and wednesday as we went out the next week. right now we look at mid-70s a mostly sunnn conditions are not willful pleasant. today a bit of summer. >> 89, a lot of people will take boats out to cherry cceek or chatfield, the perfect day. >> you can do that. >> i am too busy >> miss america is miss georgia. >> tonight is the night as it's the miss america competition in the antics city, it is celebrating its 96 year and is ready to crownna new lucky lady, condition just contestants will go through
7:48 am
their score and the final question that could make or break the contestants score. unique this year, representing missouri is the first open gay contestant and it airs here
7:49 am
welcome back, we are busy, who is not? one local group make sure we
7:50 am
kids need, this is open world learning sparking curiosity to digital technology, joininggme now is leanne who is the ceo of open world learning and josi called derek edgewater student that has been taking part of the program. let's talk abou how all for a little bit, it is a cool program. >> thank you, open worrd learning ignites a love of learning third to eighth technology and peer teaching to do this. we serve 1200 students per year in the denver area, they learn computer programming, robotics, digital photography, they also learn graphic design. we go into the school after school and we are therefore dayssa week to >>reporter: hours a day and the students get a snack and do 30 minutes of exercise and then they go to the computer lab for an hour and a half working on
7:51 am
about what he does. >> josi, glad you came in, tell me about what you do every day, do you love it? >> yes. we program with code on computers. it is called " and -?i like how all because i get i like the program because i get to use robotics and it is fun. >> with pictures to sh well and you are talking about your favorite programs, we also want to talk about this big gala, you're one of the biggest fundraisers coming up and tell ?s about this can you still get tickets? >> you can still get tickets and the other sslent auction it is the 11th annual and will be tuesday, september 20. over 450 people attend and through those programs and donations that we receive at
7:52 am to help promote the program so students like josi can learn computer coding and robotics. >> you are having fun you are >> the gala is september 27 and we will post a link to their website on our website, and you can get more information there. that is great, >> we often do this with our friends, take some of their food, i have done that withhmy
7:53 am
7:54 am
% here is a look at your top stories, boulder county sheriff's deputy is okay after getting caught in nfguire during a ssootout yesterday afternoon, multiple drivers
7:55 am
towards motorists on highway 287, some saw a gun in his waistband, when deputies got there the suspect opened fire according to police and deputies fired back and hit the suspect, his condition is not clear. the douglas county school district is apologizing to parents for not informing them about us -- them about a shooting situation, the schools were placed on lockdown that parents were not informed until the school district says they are making changgs to their policies. breaking news and shots fire downtown. one man has died that's within the last hour. a homicide investigation underway in this happen near welton and 29 before 5 am. denver police say there appears to have been in argument when the shots ring out in the suspect is on the 3 run, we do not have a description of the type. before we go we have to share this bizarre but great story, a woman in dc is behind
7:56 am
reportedly stole french fries off of police officers plate. >> the officer was enjoying his meal and the woman who was intoxicated set down and started reaching for food. when she took a second friday officer asked her to stop and warned her that she could be eventually was after taking a third friday. the investigation is underway this morning. do not take an officer's fright, especially ones that look that good.>> i don't love it, sometimes with my sister and like i like to have some. >> that is your sister as well. if you go to an officer and gratify it's probably not good. >> should probably learned her lesson. >> it is agreed a few want to have a barbecue or be outside, enjoy it because it will feel
7:57 am
in store for monday and tuesday as weedropped onto the upper 60s and lower 70s, a better chance for rain in afternoon storms as this cold front comes through. >> keep an eye and there is more to come starting at 9 am including some memorials across the nation as we mourn the loss and honor those that lost their
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> we're fighting for every last city and every last person. >> ready for battle. with less than 60 days to go, hillary clinton under fire for her candid comments. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic. xenophobic. islamaphobic, you name it. >> they are not a basket of anything. they are americans. and they deserve your respect. and donald trump taking heat for praising putin. >> if he says great things about me, i'm going to say great things about him. >> he prefers the russian president to our american president. it is scary.


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